Neighbourhood Plan

Lawshall has recently submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to Babergh District Council. Many comments were made on the Draft version of the plan by villagers and official bodies, and this submission reflects changes made in response to those comments (a full log of comments received and the NPT's responses can be found in Appendix 5 of the Consultation Statement).

 Now that the plan has been submitted, it's over to Babergh District Council. Between Mon 13th Feb to 4pm on Fri 31st March they held a public consultation that allowed villagers and interested bodies to make comments on the submitted plan. The plan itself, along with these comments, are now with an Independent Examiner who will reccommend final changes to the plan. However, the examination process has been temporarily suspended. The examiner has recommended that Babergh complete a 'Habitats Regulation Assessment'. This assessment has been performed but has to be made available for another 6-week consultation period. If you'd like to look at the assessment and to make comments, please go Babergh's Lawshall NP page here.

Once this consultation period is over, the examination will be resumed and we will receive a set of recommendations from the examiner. The final changes to the plan will be made, then the final plan will be put to a referendum. This will be your chance to vote on whether the final version of the plan should be adopted.


Documents relating to the plan on the left-hand side of this webpage, but  For quick access to documents relating to the submission, see the following:

Lawshall Neighbourhood Plan (Submitted Version)

Lawshall Consultation Statement

Lawshall Basic Conditions Statement

Lawshall Character Assessment

Lawshall Proposals Map

Lawshall Hedgerow Survey

Strategic Environmental Assessment - Screening Opinion Guide


Other key documents pertaining to the development of Lawshall's Neighbourhood Plan can be found below:

NP Team Mission Statement & Terms of Reference  1493 
Community Engagement Strategy  1494 
Lawshall Character Assessment  1495 
Village Questionnaire  1496 
Housing Needs Survey  1497 
Results of 1 st  & 2 nd  Community Consultations  1498 
Results of Village Questionnaire & Housing Needs Survey  1499 
Census Information for Lawshall - comparison of 2001 & 2011 Census statistics  1500 

NP Team Mission Statement & Terms of Reference

Community Engagement Strategy

Village Questionnaire 

Housing Needs Survey 

Results of 1st Community Consultation Event & 2nd Community Consultation Event 

Results of Village Questionnaire & Results of Housing Needs Survey 

Census Information for Lawshall - comparison of 2001 & 2011 Census statistics


    Neighbourhood Plan First Tier Members: Cllr. Andy Irish; Cllr. Mrs L. Williams; Ric Edelman (Chair); Laura McClelland (Public Relations); Tom McClelland, Debbie Thomas (Funding); David Page (Treasurer); Jamie Whatley; Bryan Adams; Lucy Kent (Public Relations); John Kent (Vice Chair); Cathy Acheson; Emily Rose Debenham; Karen Wilcox (Secretary), Claire Osborne.

    Second Tier support: Anthony Brouder; Wendy Harris; Nigel Hughes; Martin Humphries; Ian Carrington; Elizabeth Clarke; Grenville Clarke; Teresa Walters; Clare De'Ath; Brian De'Ath; Simon Haffenden; Lucy Bell; Pamela Pope;



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