Drake's Well, Lawshall Green

Drakes WellThe Drake family lived at Thorne Court, and they worshipped at Lawshall Church, driving along the private road from Thorne Court to Lawshall Green.
When Charles Frederick Tyrwitt Drake died and was buried in Jerusalem on 23rd June 1878 the family had the well dug and a handsome cover was put over the well.

Warbanks Historical Site

(information taken from S.C.C. Suffolk Archaelogical Service)

Description: The Warbanks. Part of irregular earthwork.
1581: Section (b) Named Le Barowe
1834/4: Tithe Map: Section named as War Bank (wood)
1842: Named as War Bank on Tithe Map of Lawshall.
1978: Still being ploughed but is still just visible.
1998: Whole area of the Warbanks E of A134 was metal detected with negative results.

Within an encampment know as the Warbank, was found a small bronze bust of a female figure. Neothlithic implements have been found in "The Warbanks".

Note: None of the above information has been verified at this time.

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